Content Marketing Full Circle

Content Marketing Full Circle

Qualified B2B leads in 2-4 weeks.


Join the Kontent360 LinkedIn Bootcamp.


The Kontent360 LinkedIn Bootcamp

In this 100% online training programme, you will

  • Learn how to optimise your LinkedIn profile. It’s the landing page of your business, so it’s worth getting it right.
  • Master outbound: Adding people, starting conversations and get them on the phone. 
  • Make publishing content daily (video, text, presentations) easy and crack the inbound code

The Kontent360 LinkedIn Bootcamp combines online course content and productivity tools

with 2x/weekly coaching calls to reinforce and adjust what you have learned.


“Michal cuts through the crap – that’s the best way to put it.

I was going into far too many directions with my LinkedIn marketing.

Michal gave me a step-by-step process to follow that actually gets me results.”

Paula McMullan, high performance coach for lawyers

“The greatest value of the LinkedIn Bootcamp and of working with Michal are the twice weekly coaching calls.”

Volkmar Koch, CEO of Heart@Work, a digital transformation consultancy

Client Success Stories

Aspirant Analytics

  • Kontent360 started content marketing for Aspirant Analytics, a people analytics company
  • Aspirant Analytics sell to large law firms and specialist recruitment agencies
  • Focusing on LinkedIn, Aspirant are using content as a means to stay front of mind with their conservative and cautious audience
  • 2019 revenue expected to be at 1.5x of original forecast, “a significant part of that revised projection being due to our content” (Jason Ku, CEO)

“Clients and prospects regularly tell me how impressed they are with our content, made by Kontent360.
It opens many doors that have previously been closed.”

Jason Ku
Co-Founder and CEO of Aspirant Analytics


  • HR360 are an HR and leadership consulting company.
  • Kontent360 helped CEO Candice Lee Shulman with regular content creation on LinkedIn.
  • Already the first video we created for Candice had 10x the engagement of previous content she had posted. 
  • We also created an accountability structure that helped Candice commit to a recurring publishing schedule.

(Michal is) a great subject matter expert who understands LinkedIn.”

Candice Lee Shulman 
Founder and CEO of HR360

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About me

I love the process of uncovering a company’s expertise and wisdom.

Kontent360’s mission is to enable a million B2B company leaders and independent consultants win new clients online by sharing and promoting their expertise.

To leave the world of corporate BS forever and talk like humans to fellow humans.

And to do it in a way that impresses their intended audience and turns them into clients, fans, and advocates.

Michal Bohanes, CEO of Kontent360

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