Content Marketing Full Circle

Content Marketing Full Circle

Qualified B2B leads in 6 weeks or less


Watch the case study below.

“How to get more clients via content marketing and make content the #1 source of leads”

In this case study, you will

  • See why content marketing is still the cheapest lead acquisition tool in the market
  • Get a bunch of great ideas for B2B content marketing
  • Learn about a powerful LinkedIn content format you can implement right now that’ll get you hundreds of likes and comments with one single post. (Seriously!)

Client Success Stories

Aspirant Analytics

  • Kontent360 started content marketing for Aspirant Analytics, a people analytics company
  • Aspirant Analytics sell to large law firms and specialist recruitment agencies
  • Focusing on LinkedIn, Aspirant are using content as a means to stay front of mind with their conservative and cautious audience
  • 2019 revenue expected to be at 1.5x of original forecast, “a significant part of that revised projection being due to our content” (Jason Ku, CEO)

“Clients and prospects regularly tell me how impressed they are with our content, made by Kontent360.
It opens many doors that have previously been closed.”

Jason Ku
Co-Founder and CEO of Aspirant Analytics


  • Kontent360 created two hardcover books with original content for Benivo, an HR Tech company
  • Benivo sells to large corporates, with a 6-18 months sales cycle
  • 5,000 books printed
  • ROI estimate by Benivo: 10x (£250k new business attributed to the book) in the first 9 months

“In marketing, this project has outperformed everything else we’ve done this year.”

Nitzan Yudan
Co-Founder and CEO of Benivo

Do you want the same results?

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Content Marketing Strategy

A 33 page tome on the very basics of starting or improving your content marketing practice.

It includes:

  • A checklist on whether your business is suited for Content Marketing
  • Why and how to create an audience persona
  • What to write about if you have a boring product

And much more

About me

I love the process of uncovering a company’s expertise and wisdom.

Kontent360’s mission is to enable a million B2B company leaders and independent consultants win new clients online by sharing and promoting their expertise.

To leave the world of corporate BS forever and talk like humans to fellow humans.

And to do it in a way that impresses their intended audience and turns them into clients, fans, and advocates.

Michal Bohanes, CEO of Kontent360

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