Dawn is a community of people who want to elevate their cognitive performance. The company’s main outreach tool is a weekly newsletter packed with the latest research on nutrition and good habits.

This week, I’m talking to Dan Murray from Dawn to learn about how he grew his email list organically to 4,000 people in a short amount of time. Their email list has a 55% open rate which is at the top end of email lists of this kind.

In line with the 80/20 principle, the majority of their email list growth comes down to ONE single, free and easily replicable outreach method – a method which applies to B2B as well.

0’ – 7:30’: About Dawn – Company vision

7:30 – 19’: About the email list: How to build, grow, and nurture it.

Key takeaways:

  • Do videos on your personal socials (LinkedIn, Instagram) to build your email list.
  • Set up an automated follow message to anyone following me on LinkedIn and Instagram.
  • Share your community’s feedback about why you’re making which changes.
  • Have your own unique voice and let your personality and idiosyncrasies shine through.
  • Be consistent: Share something once a week, every week, no exceptions.
  • How to achieve high open rate: Don’t sell anything, curate information, make advice actionable
  • Use subjectlinetesting.com to … shocker – test subject lines.

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