It’s important to have a roadmap when starting with Content Marketing.

In this video video, I’m providing a 30,000 ft view on the world of Content Marketing and highlight what you need to have in place for a successful Content Marketing practice.

1. Content Marketing Foundations: You need to a) understand the customer b) have a strategy in place and c) adjust your company so that CM becomes second nature to you and your team.
2. Content Marketing Execution: And then, on a regular basis, you need to produce and promote your content and then have a mechanism for turning your website visitors and leads into paying customers.


This framework also helps when you are doing Content Marketing but are not seeing any result. By investigating whether you’ve done your homework in each of the main work modules, you will be able to identify where exactly the problem lies buried.

This is also the structure of a course in Content Marketing called Content Marketing Accelerator – CMA. Learn more about it here:

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