Is Content Marketing right for you?

No, it is not…

  • …if you don’t plan to build a long-term relationship with your customers
  • …if you don’t have a budget to invest in the future at this point. Content Marketing usually needs 2-3 months to show return on investment

Yes, it is…

  • …if you sell to consumers or businesses. All content marketing is P2P – Person to Person
  • …if you have (or want to build) an audience you can inform or entertain with great content
  • …if you want to build a genuine relationship with your customers that is based on trust
  • …if you are in your business for the long run

Still not sure?

Consider these cases where content marketing made a difference:

How a small pool installation company in rural Virginia completely changed its fortunes by blogging about questions their customers had.

How a $50bn software company reached $3.4m in sales at a 906% ROI in their second year of Content Marketing.

Startup stories: How a startup with a boring product came up with a content angle; and how another one beat the competition in a very crowded content area.

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