Rolepoint, an HR Tech company based on the US West Coast, are masters in publishing valuable content to drive new leads. Just like Benivo, they have discovered that a great deal of relationship building and new sales can be achieved by publishing a Thought Leadership Book – a real printed book that they can send to prospective customers. 

The idea is simple: Traditional online content marketing faces the challenge of people experiencing online content overload. There simply is too much content to go through. A company can cut through the noise by going an old-school route and publish on a 2,000 year-old medium: paper.

You send the book as a gift to your target audience, and through a sequence of emails try to elicit a response and generate sales calls. You can also hand the book out as a freebie at conferences and trade shows. 

In this video, I’m discussing the six best aspects of Rolepoint’s book in detail. I hope it will be useful if you’re thinking of creating a book like this for your company. 

Would you like to publish your own thought leadership book but don’t know where to start? 

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