CEOs and Marketing Directors of small and mid-sized B2B companies often believe that they have to speak at events and exhibit at trade shows.


But many are not sure about the ROI and/or really dislike the inefficiency, but don’t see a better way to get new leads.


In this video, I break down the 5 key benefits of exhibiting at trade shows and speaking at events, and explain alternative methods to realise these benefits.

(see timestamps below the video)


0:00 Introduction

2:26 What CEOs and CMOs tell me about trade shows and events


6:40 Benefits from Trade Shows and how to replicate them elsewhere

7:00 Benefit 1: Market Research

(UPDATE: After making the video, I realised that another way to get the “market research” benefit of trade shows is to simply speak with EXISTING customers. For some reason it’s considered off-limits by many people [especially startups serving bigger companies] to ask existing clients market research questions)

14:45 Benefit 2: Closing Sales

21:05 Benefit 3: Broadcasting Your Sales Message

23:55 Benefit 4: Building Trust and Relationships

27:40 Benefit 5: Getting Social Validation By Being On A Stage


29:45 Launching a Video Channel

32:15 What kind of videos to publish – great video topics

36:50 Choosing the right equipment and infrastructure

39:00 Good example of why you shouldn’t move the softbox during video production (notice the difference in lighting before and after ☹)

45:22 Making Video Publishing a habit

46:30 Summary

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Photo by Ethan Sykes on Unsplash


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