Sometimes it can be really hard to get noticed by your target audience when you create online content only.

Even more so when you have a relatively small amount of decision-makers you want to reach.

In these cases, creating a printed asset that you send directly to your decision-makers can work wonders, like Benivo found out when they published their Thought Leadership Book (which got them a 400-800% ROI). It’s quite rare to receive quality printed content these days, so a method like that stands out.

However, it doesn’t always have to be a full book.

In this week’s video, I explore two new formats I recently came across: A quarterly magazine and a phone-sized printed book that your audience can pop in their pocket.

In the video, I explore what makes the magazine in question (called “In the Know” and published by a company called Attest) so good and what lessons you can learn from this format.
If you feel like publishing your own magazine, I’m sharing a free downloadable Adobe InDesign template towards the end of the video, so check it out.

To download the free Adobe InDesign template to get started on your first magazine, go here.

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