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Benivo, formerly known as FlatClub, is a London company that recently moved from a B2C to a B2B model. With this came the need to position themselves as an authority in topics of junior employee relocation.
Kontent360 has delivered over over 25 blog posts and 8 white papers on topics of relevance to in-house recruiters, HR managers and global mobility teams. You can find them on the company’s blog. We have also pioneered the Thought Leadership Book with Benivo to great success and are working on the second book which will be twice as big and five times the print run.

“Kontent360 is not another content marketing agency. They not only delivered high quality work on time, but also provided strategic advice and identified opportunities to deploy content marketing in ways we didn’t think of before. Michal has been a real partner for our business. I highly recommend working with Kontent360 to anyone who is looking to grow their business. They have far surpassed our expectations.”

Nitzan Yudan, CEO

White Papers we did for Benivo

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CharlieHR is a London software provider of talent software with thousands of small business customers all over the world.
Kontent360 advised CharlieHR on Content Marketing Strategy and helped put together a Tone of Voice Guide to ensure a consistent style across all content, no matter who created it.
On the content creation side, Kontent360 interviewed a range of pioneers in the HR and Talent space and published the articles on CharlieHR’s Online Magazine.

“Kontent360 helped us hone our content strategy and have been the driving force behind its successful execution.

Not only has Michal created some great pieces of content by interviewing industry experts, but also the rest of his team have been fast, diligent and resourceful in their execution.

Big thumbs up on working with Kontent360.”

Amy Cowpe, Marketing Manager

Loyalty Bay, acquired by Perkbox in 2017, sells customer engagement solutions to telecom, utility and consumer finance companies.

Kontent360 wrote three in-depth eBooks for Loyalty Bay which you can download below and on their website.

“Below budget and with double the word count we expected – Kontent360 have delivered three top-notch eBooks that were thoroughly researched, smart and nuanced – not the standard shallow sales advice that abounds on the web.

We look forward to continuing working with Michal and his team.”

William Roberts, Director of Product and Marketing

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