Kontent360 Philosophy

What we believe in

We don’t aim for virality. We always go for quality – if that leads to virality, great!

It’s not about you. It’s about your customers. Many companies create too much self-serving or promotional content that no one wants to read. We create stories your customers love.

You can’t win with hacks. There has to be a steady effort of content production and promotion. But once you have the right tools, producing high-quality content is surprisingly easy.

Quality is king. The only cure to click bait and lazy how-to guides is quality. Quality takes time and is more expensive. And it will pay off for much longer.

But quality is not enough. If you build it, they won’t just come. You also need to promote your content in the right way.

People before professions. Your audience may be accountants or yoga teachers, but mainly, they are people. And we connect with them as people, first.

We ain’t poets. In Content Marketing, results and conversion matter. We use clear, simple language, power words and action verbs. Our ultimate aim is conversion and we leave Shakespeare for the bedside table.

Drop us a line and let’s talk how we can help you grow your business through great content.


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