Kontent360 Privacy Policy

We have created a unique privacy policy in that it is short and readable.

  1. On this website, we collect your personal data in the form of your name and email address. We do this because we want to send you content that is hopefully relevant and informative for you. By regularly being exposed to this content, you are more likely to, one day, become a customer of Kontent360 or to forward valuable information to others so that they will become our customer.
  2. We collect your information in the following ways
    1. By inviting you to subscribe to our Bad Content! Newsletter here
    2. By inviting you to download our eBooks and White Papers here
    3. Through our popups on the site where we either invite you to subscribe to our newsletter or download our eBooks and White Papers
    4. At events where we have electronic or paper sign up forms
  3. In addition, if our colleagues and co-workers happen to know you and are connected to you via LinkedIn or any other social platform, we will contact you once and invite you to subscribe to our newsletter.
  4. As we send you newsletter emails, we monitor your behaviour (i.e. if you have opened the email or have clicked on a link inside it.) Depending on this behaviour, over time we will slot you into segments and send you customised emails based on the inferences we have made about you based on your behaviour.
  5. All our mass emails have an unsubscribe link on the bottom
  6. We are fully GDPR compliant in that we have
    1. Clear internal documentation on how we obtained your information
    2. We require explicit consent from you to send you anything (download link to our content or newsletters). There is no such thing as a default opt-in on our website.
    3. Give you clear and simple ways to unsubscribe from our mass emails.
  7. Your name and email address is stored with the email marketing service AWeber. They are fully GDPR compliant as you can read here.
  8. We also use Google Analytics, so that, as you’re visiting our website, we know which pages you read and how long you stick around. Google Analytics is GDPR compliant as you can read here.
  9. We also use Adroll as a Retargeting solution. If you visit specific pages on Kontent360, you may see display ads following you around on Facebook and the wider web, prompting you to come back to our website. This is because Adroll places a cookie on your browser. This pixel lasts for 90 days.
  10. If you have any question about this, email us at hello (at) kontent360.com.
  11. To learn more about GDPR, please visit this page.

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We are 100% GDPR compliant and will never share your data with third parties. Read our Privacy Policy here.