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Content Marketing Strategy-
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Conversion Funnels

We help you find new customers. 

Thought Leadership Book

We write a book for your customers

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Five Pillars of Content Marketing

The Universe we at Kontent360 inhabit



Identify what content your target audience want and how they want to consume it.

Imagine you wanted to set up a magazine for your customers. What would be in it and how do you design it?

That’s Strategy. Check our eBook on Content Marketing Strategy.

Infrastructure Setup

Infrastructure Setup

The boring bits:

Which tools (CMS, email marketing provider) are best to execute on our strategy? How to integrate content into your existing marketing flow? Which processes to follow? How to train your team? Which KPIs to track and through which tools?

Doing a good infrastructure setup early means far less work further down the line.

Content Production

Content Production

Give your audience interesting and entertaining content — be it written, infographics, audio, or video — in a consistent tone of voice.

Quality wins in the long run. But it’s not enough. You have to make sure you research which topics your audience wants to read or hear about.

Distribution & Promotion

Distribution & Promotion

Integrate content distribution into your existing processes – be it through specialised social media marketing, guest blogging, paid promotion or influencer marketing.

Test everything and home in on whatever brings the best results.



Once your audience has warmed to you, you want to convert them into customers.

Popup performance optimisation, email marketing with detailed segmentation, AB testing of conversion copy – create the necessary structures to let the data speak.

Content Marketing Full Circle

Let’s look at the three Kontent360 Service Packages

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We are 100% GDPR compliant and will never share your data with third parties. Read our Privacy Policy here.