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I have started Kontent360 to help companies in Europe tell their stories in a better, more authentic way. Deeply influenced by Content Marketing experts in the United States, I believe that we in the UK and Europe have a lot to learn from our friends overseas.
It is my goal to understand what works there and to give companies in Europe their competitive edge.

I’ve worked in huge companies, tiny startups, and most things in-between. Add on top my checkered background (born Czech, bred Austrian, buttered English, seasoned Mexican and Swedish), chances are I speak your organisational language, whatever that may be.

I love it when truth gets turned into imaginative stories told in beautiful prose.
Let’s do this for our customers, shall we?

You can find out more about my background here. And very occasionally I tweet here.
And I draw my own doodles.
Michal Bohanes, Founder of Kontent360

A team of artists and specialists

We work with a team of independent copywriters, designers, and video producers. Everything they create has to pass the highest editorial standards set by Kontent360.

Our experts are proficient in these areas:


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