Kontent360 Terms And Conditions

We have created a unique set of terms and conditions in that they are short and readable.

  1. On this website, we provide you with a storefront to our services. You can see what we offer and you can choose whether to contact us.
  2. We also provide you with valuable content on our Resources pages. This content constitutes advice we have compiled to our best knowledge, and we do not take any responsibility if you bet the house and farm on our advice and subsequently lose both. You are using our advice at your own risk.
  3. We collect some of your data when you’re on our site. For more details please visit our Privacy Policy page.
  4. And that’s pretty much it! We don’t have any other ways we interact with you, and so we can keep these T&Cs short and sweet.
  5. If you have any question about this, email us at hello (at) kontent360.com.

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