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Content Strategy is about finding out what needs and motivations unify your customers; what kind of content they would enjoy; which tools and methodologies you should use; and how to set up your organisation for success.

Strategy work lasts between 2 and 8 weeks, depending on your existing level of insights into your audience.

It is tempting to cut this phase short – but it is absolutely crucial for Content Marketing success.

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Infrastructure Setup

Infrastructure Setup

We implement all the tools we’ve decided on in the previous phase: Blog software, contact collection tools, email marketing suite, A/B testing frameworks. We also codify the process of content production and promotion and get all internal stakeholders on board.

In essence, we set up an in-house media organisation.

This phase runs in parallel with the first round of Content Production and lasts between 2-8 weeks, depending on how much is already in place.

These are all the boring bits that we need to put in place before we can turn on the Content Marketing engine. We don’t want to end up with a backlog of content waiting to be published, only because we haven’t thought about all the moving parts. 

Content Production

Content Production

This is when we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Pick your metaphor.

We build on our Content Strategy and create content your audience will love.

Content creation is a craft, similar to journalism. We do our research. We interview relevant people. We scour the literature. We create blog posts, infographics, podcasts, videos, animated whiteboard clips – whatever is best to hook your audience in.

And we make sure we speak in your desired tone of voice.

See some of the work we’ve done to get an idea.

Content Promotion

Content Promotion

Where science meets art.

Content Promotion takes many forms – picking the topics that will elicit reactions, reaching out to influencers, guest blogging, buying traffic, discussing others’ viewpoints, building shareability into our content, engaging with every comment and tweet, promoting our newsletter on all existing channels, repurposing our content for different platforms and media.

We test everything and home in on those tactics that bring the best results.

The goal is to build our audience and have them enjoy our content, comment on it and share it with others.



We mean business. Once our audience has warmed to us, it’s time to convert them into customers.

This means creating customer segments and an email sequence for each. Content emails alternate with conversion-oriented ones. We then test different sequences, tweak our copy, and measure your customers’ reactions. The most promising ones then land in your sales team’s pipeline.

That way we can optimise the ROI on your Content Marketing efforts over time.

Content Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Strive for progress, not perfection. 

That’s Kontent360

That’s Kontent360

Kontent360 is your complete end-to-end solution for Content Marketing.

We do it all for you, and then gradually build up your internal skillset and infrastructure so you can take over.

We can also just do individual modules from the list above. But to get most out of working with Kontent360, it’s best if we do a complete 360 degree project.

Get in touch – we look forward to help you win with Content.

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